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  • Andrea Santos Richardson

Prepare the bag for your Yoga Teacher Training in Tenerife!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

If the moment of doing your bag to travel to Tenerife for your Yoga Teacher Training arrived here you have some recommendation of what to bring for the time you will spend with us 😊

- Comfortable clothes for the yoga classes (we also recommend to bring some yoga socks or any kind of socks to be able to wear them during meditation or savasana) - Swimwear and beach towel (the last day of the training we will go to the beach to practice SUP Yoga and we have a swimming pool in the school for you to use!) - Sun cream (we recommend an SPF50 one to take care of your skin) - Personal bathroom articles such as shampoo, tooth paste... and any needed medication (We have natural aloe vera products made in Fuerteventura for sale in the school, such as tooh paste, solid shampoo bars, body cream, aloe vera natural gel, etc...) - Hermetic bottle (for hot & cold beverages to bring it with you to the yoga class, not made of glass). We also have some of them for sale if you don't have one yet that keeps water hot for 12 hours so you can enjoy a warm tea during our theory classes too! - Ear plugs (just in case..) - Yogi towel for the yoga mat (we provide you with a yoga mat during the training but to improve the higiene we need you to bring one yogi towel) or your own yoga mat. - Notebook and pencil. We normally recommend to bring a nice notebook as in this one you will take the notes for all the course, you will also create all your sequences there so is something you can be always going back to in the future 🤍 - Something in white for the final ceremony 🙏🏽 We are so much looking forward to welcome all of you into Shambhala!

Love & peace.

The Shambhala Team

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