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  • Andrea Santos Richardson

Prepare the bag for your Yoga Teacher Training in Tenerife!

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

To ensure you're well-prepared for your time with us, here's a checklist of items to bring along:

- Comfortable yoga attire (don't forget some yoga socks or regular socks for meditation and savasana).

- Swimwear and a beach towel (there is a swimming pool in the school and beautiful beaches near by)

- 1 Neti Pot (we'll use it several times, and we also have a few available for purchase).

- Sunscreen (SPF50 recommended).

- Personal toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, and any necessary medications.

- A sealed, non-glass bottle for hot and cold beverages during yoga class (we have some for sale if you need one).

- Earplugs (just in case).

- A yogi towel for your yoga mat (or you can bring your own mat).

- A notebook and pencil (a beautiful notebook will serve as your course journal and a resource for your future teaching).

- Something white for our opening and closing ceremonies (nothing extravagant needed). We are so much looking forward to welcome all of you into Shambhala!

Love & peace.

The Shambhala Team


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