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Ronny & Andrea

Our story began in the serenity of Tenerife back in 2006, guided by an auspicious coincidence that eventually wove us into the family we are today—an ever-welcoming family that extends its embrace to you with open hearts 🧡.

From the moment our paths crossed, our shared passions kindled an extraordinary connection. Hiking, in particular, was our steadfast companion during those days. Hours upon hours were spent traversing the stunning landscapes of our island, forging a bond that's grown stronger over time. Ronny has become an integral part of the Canarian way of life and culture, seamlessly woven into the vibrant fabric of Tenerife.

As we embarked on these explorations, conversations and dreams unfurled. A vision emerged—an aspiration to create a place where individuals from every corner of the globe could find solace, our own little corner of the world with an ecological garden, and a lifestyle intertwined with nature's rhythms.

In 2011, the winds of change led us to Europe, a move born out of necessity. England and Switzerland became our homes for the next 8 years. But in 2019, an undeniable pull drew us back to our roots, igniting an unwavering determination to breathe life into our dreams.

Leaving everything behind, we embarked on a transformative journey. With our two children and newfound canine companions Kira and Lola, we embarked on a road trip— time for reconnection. Four months later, we arrived home in Tenerife, the place where dreams began to converge with reality.

When things got uncertain and worrisome, a ray of hope appeared. There was an old house that needed love and care, calling out to us with the hope of being fixed. In January 2020, we started working to make this place better. By March, our first visitors came. They were looking for a safe place during a global lockdown. With them, we got inspired and became friends through meals, music, painting, and yoga. When they left, it was like the start of a new time. They didn't just leave memories; they left a part of themselves—the beginning of our growing family.

Today, we're here as the protectors of a dream that came true. Shambhala is not just a spot—it's a safe place for yoga, where time moves smoothly. It lets you feel calm, connect with who you are, and plan your future. In Shambhala, the sounds of birds in the morning welcome a new day, and the stories of people from all over the world mix and grow.

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Our Team

Yoga Alliance Teacher Tenerife

Vicky Heuse

200 & 300 Hours TTC's   Lead Teacher

Yoga Alliance Teacher Tenerife

Ilona Roznicka

Massage Therapist &       Gong Practitioner

Yoga Alliance Teacher Tenerife

Ronny Starke

                 Co-Founder &                   School's Keeper

Yoga Alliance Teacher Tenerife

Andrea Santos Richardson

Co-Founder & 200 & 300 Hours TTC's Lead Teacher

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