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Our Team

Welcome to our dedicated team at Shambhala! We take pride in being a small school because it allows us to give you the full attention you deserve for effective learning. We don't think of Shambhala as a business; we think of it as a community, like a family. Our focus extends beyond just teaching yoga poses; it's about incorporating yoga philosophy into everyday life, living with respect and making these ideas a part of your daily routine. At Shambhala, we've made a place where you can feel noticed, supported and respected as you learn to be a yoga teacher and discover more about yourself.

Vinyasa Yoga TTC Tenerife
Yoga Teacher Training Tenerife
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Maya Lindvall

Lead Teacher 200 hrs TTC's



Growing up in Sweden, Maya's mom introduced her to yoga and qigong when she was young.

Later, in 2019, Maya rediscovered yoga and felt like she found her place. She decided to learn more by attending her first yoga teacher training course at Shambhala in 2021. Since then, she's been working with yoga full-time, teaching various classes like chair yoga for seniors with dementia and teenagers with disabilities, as well as vinyasa and yin classes at gyms and studios.

What Maya really loves about yoga is how it can help people heal. This passion led her to take a specialized training in trauma-informed yoga in 2022. Since then, she's been teaching this kind of yoga to children who have escaped from Ukraine.

In 2023, Maya helped out Vicky and Andrea as a volunteer, and now she's thrilled to be co-teaching a 200-hour yoga teacher training course with them.

Creating a genuine and inclusive atmosphere in her classes is very important to Maya. She wants her students to feel safe and supported as they explore their own paths of self-discovery.

Maya will be sharing her knowledge during the July and August 2024 courses alongside Vicky.

Vicky Heuse

Lead Teacher 200 & 300 hrs TTC's


Vicky, our cherished co-teacher for the 200 and 300-hour courses, brings a delightful blend of warmth and ease to Shambhala. Originally from Belgium, she made the heartwarming decision in 2021 to embrace Tenerife, making it her home alongside the welcoming embrace of Shambhala.


Vicky's journey into the world of yoga began in 2014, and from the very start, she felt a profound connection to this healing practice. Eager to deepen her understanding, she embarked on her first Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course that same year. Witnessing the transformative power of yoga, Vicky was compelled to further explore its nuances. Her quest for knowledge led her to pursue additional 200 and 300-hour courses in Ashtanga, Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and sound healing.


Having shared the gift of yoga through teaching classes for several years, Vicky felt a calling to make yoga her full-time profession. This decision led her to Nepal, where she assisted in 200-hour courses. In 2021, she joyfully joined the Shambhala family, becoming an integral part of our 200 and 300-hour courses alongside Andrea. In these courses, Vicky takes charge of the theory aspects, guiding students through the intricacies of vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga practices.


Beyond her role as a teacher, Vicky is a truly warm-hearted individual, always ready with a smile and a contagious laugh. Her love for the ukulele adds a musical touch to the Shambhala atmosphere, creating a harmonious environment for learning. A passionate traveler at heart, she sees yoga as a powerful means of healing from within.


Vicky is the kind and responsible teacher who has captured the hearts of many students, particularly those falling in love with the Ashtanga yoga practice under her skillful guidance. With her, every class is not just a learning experience but a journey of joy, laughter, and self-discovery.

Ilona Roznicka

Massage Therapist & Gong Healer in 200 & 300 Hours TTC's

Ilona comes from Poland but she fell in love with Tenerife and since 2018 she made the island her home.


She is a very experienced massage therapist and kundalini & vinyasa Yoga teacher. 


Ilona travelled all the world while working aboard cruise ships and private yachts as a massage therapist. That helped her not only to discover the world but also herself. She started practicing yoga in 2015, and after that she decided to study Thai massage and later on, Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

She has 10 years of experience in her field working as a masseuse, Reiki practitioner and she’s still discovering new therapies to learn.


While she’s enjoying the beautiful vibe of the island, she will be happy to share with you her skills to relax you during a massage or give any kind of guidance. Always with love and passion 

Vinyasa Yoga TTC Tenerife Lead Teacher_edited.jpg

Andrea Santos Richardson

Co-Founder & Lead Teacher 200 & 300 Hours TTC's


Andrea (E-RYT500), the heart and soul of Shambhala, embodies warmth, kindness, and a genuine passion for holistic living. As the co-owner and co-teacher of our beloved school, she wears many hats with grace and enthusiasm.


A true creator, Andrea crafted the 200 and 300-hour courses that form the foundation of our teachings. When you reach out via email or message, Andrea is the caring voice on the other end, and she's the one who picks up the phone when you call. She's the mastermind behind our welcoming website and ensures that from the moment you step into Shambhala, you feel at home.


Coming from the picturesque Tenerife, Andrea is not just a guide to her home island; she's a passionate advocate for exploring its beauty. Her lifelong interest in natural healing and living in harmony with nature led her to become a guide in the lush landscapes of Tenerife.


Andrea's journey took a transformative turn after a discovery trip to Thailand, where she found a new path to healing for herself and others. In 2008, she embraced this calling by becoming a Thai massage teacher. Known for calling Thai Massage  "yoga for lazy people," she embarked on her first Teacher Training Course in Hatha Yoga that same year, igniting a journey of continuous learning.


Venturing across the globe, Andrea delved into various 200 and 300 hours courses, accumulating expertise in Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, Pre & Postnatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation,  Somatic Healing, Ayurvedic practices, Reiki mastery, sound healing, and a comprehensive amount of body treatments courses.


Venturing to India, Andrea immersed herself in the study of Ayurveda and yoga, learning also the art of TTC's organization through karma yoga with her Indian teacher. Now, she channels her expertise into Shambhala, a school where people from around the world converge to delve into yoga, find peace within, and witness the enchanting beauty of her island.


From massage therapist to yoga teacher, spa receptionist to therapist manager, and yoga retreat organizer to spa manager—Andrea's extensive experience in Spain, England, and Switzerland culminated in the realization of her dream. Her dream of creating a sanctuary for global seekers materialized in 2020 with the birth of Shambhala.


In the 200 and 300-hour courses, Andrea is the guiding force behind the Asana Lab, teaching methodology, aspects of Ashtanga yoga, and facilitating Thai massage and aromatherapy workshops. Her joy lies in empowering others to transform their lives, alter perspectives about themselves, and instill a profound sense of positivity. Spend just a few days with Andrea, and you'll be embraced by her infectious smile and boundless love, making every step of your journey at Shambhala an unforgettable experience.

Ronny Starke

Co-Founder & School's Keeper


Meet Ronny, originally from the East part of Germany but now proudly calling Tenerife home since 2004. Embracing the Canarian lifestyle as his own, Ronny is more than just a founder of Shambhala; he brings all his peace to this community.


With a background in Engineering Ronny brings precision and dedication to everything he does. His list of hobbies is as diverse as his skills, including hiking, mountain biking, swimming, windsurfing, gardening and reading.


In 2020 Ronny's dream since 2006 came to life when he, together with Andrea, founded Shambhala. These days he wears many hats, taking care of our students' every need. Whether it's refilling the kitchen, baking fresh German bread every morning, ensuring that any needed repairs are promptly handled or tending to our orchard for fresh fruits and vegetables, Ronny's commitment is unwavering. He's the guardian of Shambhala's daily operations, ensuring that our haven remains a place of comfort, warmth and connection.

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