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Yoga teacher training tenerife

Shambhala Yoga School

Within the name of Shambhala lies the essence of our vision for this school.


Shambhala is often depicted as a green, mystical, and hidden village located somewhere in the Himalayas. It represents a place of inner peace, harmony, and spiritual awakening that can be achieved through meditation and self-discovery. A place where one can embark on the journey to understand how to guide the evolution and spiritual development of humanity.

We are a peaceful sanctuary where we take great pride in offering exceptional yoga teacher training courses and a range of rejuvenating treatments to help you relax and rejuvenate.


As a family-owned and operated establishment, we keep our class sizes small (max. 8 students) to provide personal attention and support for each student. In our non-judgmental environment, our dedicated teachers are here to guide you on your yoga journey and help you grow...(You can also find us on )

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yoga teacher training tenerife
yoga teacher training tenerife
yoga teacher training tenerife

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Step into our world of learning, where we offer 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga TTC's featuring a profound introduction to Ashtanga Yoga. For those seeking to expand their horizons, our 300 Hours Yoga Alliance Hatha, Ashtanga, and Yin Yoga TTC's provide a deeper exploration, nurturing the exceptional yoga teacher within you.


Becoming a yoga teacher transcends the practical aspects – it's a profound voyage into the depths of yoga philosophy. Beyond mastering poses, you'll discover how to weave ancient wisdom into your personal practice and daily life, enriching your journey.


Your daily routine will encompass soul-enriching practices like chanting, meditation, and Pranayama (breath control techniques). These practices form the very heart of our curriculum, harmonizing with the physical aspects we teach. By embracing these spiritual dimensions, you'll not only deepen your personal connection to yoga but also empower yourself to guide and uplift others on their unique yoga odysseys.

Yoga Retreats

Shambhala is a haven of tranquility dedicated to nurturing your equilibrium and inner serenity. Our heartfelt mission revolves around offering rejuvenating yoga retreats thoughtfully crafted to provide respite from the relentless pace of daily life.


The skilled instructors who guide you through our courses also lead our retreats, ensuring a seamless transition from learning to profound relaxation. Their expertise will gently guide you on a transformative expedition, harmonizing your body and spirit.


Discover an array of retreat options, each tailored to suit your unique needs and desires. Come, embark on this enriching voyage with us, and initiate your personal odyssey towards a life infused with mindfulness and deep-seated contentment.

Espacio Shambhala

This beautiful extension of our journey is dedicated to serving the vibrant community of this magnificent island with daily yoga classes that weave harmony into everyday life.


Alongside our regular yoga sessions, we curate an array of captivating workshops, immersive events, and soul-stirring concerts. Imagine basking in the soothing waves of a sound bath, resonating with the ethereal tones of a gong bath, or losing yourself in the rhythmic melodies of a heart-opening concert. These enriching experiences are not just reserved for our visitors – they're an integral part of your journey with us.


As a participant in our courses, you'll have the delightful opportunity to immerse yourself in these extraordinary events if they coincide with your time of study. It's a chance to enhance your journey and delve into the profound connection between yoga, music, and wellness.


Calle Tierra de Oro, 15

Los Realejos 

Tenerife - Spain

0034 629 479 111

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