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Yoga Retreats

After so many of you were asking for Yoga Retreats or specialized courses for Yoga Teachers or Massage Therapists...

We are so glad to present you our Yoga Retreats and specialized Massage courses! 

If you are looking for some time off to bring yourself back into balance or if you are already a yoga teacher or a massage

therapist that needs a course to deepen and refresh your knowledge this is the place you need!

Practice Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama from experienced teachers from our TTC's, learn Thai Massage from Andrea who was teaching therapists all over Europe in the past 13 years or discover the Tibetan Culture with our specialized Yoga Retreats.

8 Tage Auszeit mit Yoga, Wandern, Strand & Besichtigungen

10. bis 17. Dezember 2022

Komme zu mehr Leichtigkeit, belebe und harmonisiere deinen Geist, Körper und Seele durch Yoga. Begib dich auf die Suche nach deiner Mitte, und öffne dich gleichzeitig der Gemeinschaft mit gleichgesinnten Frauen. Diese Auszeit ist für körperlich fitte, deutschsprachige Frauen zwischen ca. Mitte 40 und Ende 60 Jahren ausgerichtet.

6 Days "Nurture your Existence" - Boutique Women's Retreat

23rd - 28th December 2022

This retreat will nurture and empower you to move forward, knowing your worth and live a life of ease, joy, and fulfillment! The Life you deserve!
Combination of holistic approaches such as movement practices, dance, meditation, rituals, energy therapies, and mentorship.
Transform - find clarity, trust, and power within
Move - reconnect and harmonize your entire being
Heal - unwind, recover and gain more ease
Nourish - revitalize your Divinity!
Safe space provides you with support & nurture so that you may unwind, recover, reconnect, revitalize and harmonize your entire being while embodying your feminine essence and the power that you hold within.

Practicing Yoga at Home
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