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Andrea & Ronny

Founder Shambhala Tenerife

We met back in 2006 in Tenerife, just by a perfect coincidence, that developed into the family we are and we want you to be part of it 🧡

Since the moment we met each other we shared many hobbies, being hiking the biggest one for us at that time.

We made many many hours of hikes in our beautiful island (Ronny is already adopted by the Canarian lifestyle and culture!), where we were just talking and dreaming with the possibility of opening a business where we could welcome people from different parts of the planet, have our small ecological garden and be able to have a sustainable and connected with nature lifestyle.

In 2011 we needed to go to Europe as it was hard to find a job on the island. We lived in England and Switzerland for 8 years until 2019, that something was calling us to come back home and try as hard as we could to make our dream come true.

We then decided to leave everything behind in Switzerland to take a trip with our two children, by road, to the south, back home and without a return ticket. 4 months after we started that trip, we arrived to Tenerife. Kira (our first dog) joined our family during that road trip. Lola (our second dog) just joined us in 2020.

When we were beginning to think that maybe our dream might not be possible, Shambhala appeared on our way, a house abandoned years ago that only needed a little love and two (or a few more) hands to improve it and make it shine again better than ever before.

Thus, in January 2020 we began to reform it. In March, the first guests arrived in Shambhala, looking for a place to spend the lockdown. Guests with whom we shared 2 and a half months of our lives, nights of good food and guitar, afternoons of painting and yoga ... And after lockdown, they left us having made us our logo, many videos, photos and being a part of our family (we will always be grateful for those days!)

Now we can say that our dream came true and this is possible just because of people like you. Shambhala is a place where you come to do and learn yoga, a place to forget the rush of day to day, to enjoy the tranquility, to connect again with yourself and find what you want for your future, to wake up to the sound of the birds, but above all... it is where you come to make new friends and connect with like minded people from around the world!

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