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Our Team

Yoga TTC Lead Teacher Virginie.jpg

Vicky Heuse

Lead Teacher 200 hrs TTC's

Vicky comes from Belgium, she discovered Yoga during one of her travels, in Costa Rica.

This experience has been a “life-changing” event.

She started practicing Yoga and went for her first 200 hrs TTC in Hatha Yoga in December 2014 in Thailand.

Her interest for Yoga made her discover Ashtanga Yoga, she went to India to make her second 200 hrs TTC in Mysore in March 2017.

On her way back to Europe she was offered to teach in Tuscany in a place where they were offering different styles of Yoga.

She started teaching Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga beside her job for two years. It is where she has learned the most from the exchange with students.

She realised how much she was helping people and how this came naturally. To make people feel good, relieved, relaxed or even “being a trigger” of a new awareness for people, gives Virginie the dedication, the commitment into YOGA, not only asana.

She taught together with Yogi Madhav in different 200hrs ttc in Cambodia, where she learns about restorative Yoga and shared her knowledge with plenty of students from all over the world.

She also completed her 50 hrs in Pregnancy Yoga, and learned two different massages, Thai Yoga massage and Deep tissues massage.

Her interest goes to Reiki and meditation and mindfulness as everything is linked or connected.

Vicky believes now that Yoga in its whole and the different holistic practices or healing practices “must be” used together with the occidental medicine to help a broader range of people to recover, to heal, to unblock, to feel, to hear, to know, to trust or to find back the faith in life for those who has lost it somehow.

In 2021 she continued learning and forming herself with a 300hrs ttc in Yoga Therapy and Integrative medicine.

She always looks forward to sharing her knowledge with her students and keeps an open mind to adapt to the student's needs.

Students for whom she feels lots of gratitude.

In 2022, she will be sharing her knowledge with you in our 200 hrs TTC of January, February, March, May, June and November together with Andrea.

Yoga Teacher Training Spain.jpg


Lead Teacher 200 hrs TTC's

Meera is a Ukrainian born yogini who has been travelling around the world for the last 8 years exploring and studying philosophy, religion and culture of many countries. She was keen on Buddhism for a long time but always felt there was something more about the work of universe and human nature. Thus her path has brought her to Nepal where she discovered the magic of Tantra. This ancient doctrine had a life changing impact on her life and since 2017 Meera has became a devoted tantric practitioner and teacher. She stayed as a karma yogini in Shanti Yoga Ashram to teach alongside her Guru Prakash Dhungana and absorb even more knowledge and deepen her teaching methods and techniques. Afterwards Meera has became a skilful awakening master who helps disciples to expand their awareness and find the path to their true selves through the practice of Yoga. She continued to teach in Nepal creating her own trainings and retreats that were aimed at rising dormant potential of women and men by giving them special tools for working with personal and cosmic matters.

She pays a lot of attention to the philosophy of yoga and shares the knowledge about how to find or feel that unique path through the personal approach to every student. Meera is a teacher who can introduce you to a world of subtle energies and explain how to work with them in your favour.

She will be your loyal friend in this transforming journey of life that starts in Shambhala in the months of April and August 2022.

Yoga Teacher Training Tenerife.jpeg

Alina Kazandjian

Lead Teacher 200 hrs TTC's

Alina is from the United States, she grew up in a small beach town in South Florida. She fell in love with yoga at the age of 16 and immediately began to dive into her practice consistently. Because of that she decided to get her 200 hour ytt certification in South Florida and it was the moment that changed her life! She started teaching right away, from vinyasa to yin and feel even more in love with this practice. She then made the choice to start traveling and sharing her teachings all around Central America. For the past year she had been teaching in Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala and more! 

This practice is sacred to her and she loves nothing more than to share it with the people who cross her path. She is a teacher, but also always a life long student.

In 2022, she will be sharing her knowledge with you in our 200 hrs TTC of October together with Andrea.


Lavinia Cometti

Lead Teacher 300 hrs TTC's

In the last 10 years she has been traveling nonstop, meeting teachers from all over the world, from New York with the intensive training of Sri Dharma Mittra "Life of a Yogi" up to Rishikesh living for 8 months, practicing in the traditional way with yogi Sri Jeetanand, and before with Kamal Sigh completing 600 hours of Ashtanga primary and secondary as well as to the practice of mantras and Sanskrit with Acharya and Classical Indian Kathak dance.

Lavinia has an education that exceeds 1700 hours with Yoga Alliance (Ashtanga, Hatha, Dharma Yoga, Yin Yoga, Antrashod Shiddha Yoga) and more than 6000 hours of teaching yoga classes, retreats and TTC’s all over the world. She also studied to be a Reiki master, Tibetan medicine and tantra meditation. 

Lavinia is the founder of Yogaritual, In Mexico she opened Mizu Bacalar and is the author of The wonders of Yoga.

Yogi Raj.png

Yogi Rajeshwor

Philosophy & Anatomy Teacher 300 hrs TTC's

Yogi Raj will be the Philosopy and Anatomy Teacher of our 300 hours TTC. 

He is a hatha yoga practitioner and teacher, his childhood was spent in ashrams in India, studying Eastern philosophies and scriptures under various gurus and training in different schools of yoga. Nowadays, he has been providing 200 and 300 hours yoga TTC’c in Nepal and all over the world through online.

His yoga programs are being aired on Nepal’s national televisions.

He will join us in the course to guide us through the advanced Yoga philosophy and the advanced Yoga anatomy parts as this is in what he is specializing.

Yoga Alliance Meditation TTC Spain.jpg

Riyas Babu

Lead Teacher Meditation TTC's

Riyas is a dedicated yoga and meditation teacher and a student of Vedanta.

Born in a Small village in India, Riyas have traveled extensively around India at a very young age, gaining knowledge and embarking on a personal journey of finding more about higher consciousness.

A journalistic career opened new opportunities, allowing Riyas to travel abroad to war-torn Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The sheer human suffering he has witnessed during this tenure has convinced him that true liberation is only can be through unconventional love. This realization persuaded him to spend more of his time learning and exploring the ancient philosophy of yoga studying under different masters in India and abroad.

Riyas have been teaching around the world for about 20 years.

He is the founder of the Varkala International Yoga Festival and the Director of the Satwik School of Yoga and Meditation. He authored 'In the Country of Longing' a novel set during the genocide in Darfur.

Currently, he runs Yoga teachers' training courses and retreats around the world.

Massage Therapist Tenerife.jpeg

Ilona Roznicka

Massage Therapist / Yoga Teacher

Ilona comes from Poland but she fell in love with Tenerife and since 2018 she made the island her home.

She is a very experienced massage therapist and kundalini & vinyasa Yoga teacher. 

Ilona travelled all the world while working aboard cruise ships and private yachts as a massage therapist. That helped her not only to discover the world but also herself. She started practicing yoga in 2015, and after that she decided to study Thai massage and later on, Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

She has 10 years of experience in her field working as a masseuse, Reiki practitioner and she’s still discovering new therapies to learn.

While she’s enjoying the beautiful vibe of the island, she will be happy to share with you her skills to relax you during a massage or give any kind of guidance. Always with love and passion 

Vinyasa Yoga TTC Tenerife Lead Teacher.j

Andrea Santos Richardson

Lead Teacher 200 hrs TTC's

Andrea have been interested in natural ways of healing, meditation and the nature world all her life.

In 2006, with her first trip to Thailand, she got to experience the benefits of Thai Massage and decided to stay in the country to train herself as a thai massage teacher.

Discovering the connection between thai massage and yoga during this training, she started practicing Yoga in the same year, mainly focused on Hatha Yoga and Thai Yoga.

With thai massage and yoga she discovered that there was a huge world of possibilities to heal our bodies & be more balanced in our lives. In order to have a more in depth understanding and to train herself more, she travelled to India several times and other countries, where she started to learn different kind of treatments and practiced different styles of yoga intensively, such as hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, pre-postnatal, yin...

Andrea is actually an E-RYT200 and RYT500 yoga teacher, an ayurvedic therapist, sound healer, reiki practitioner and a thai massage teacher. She has worked as a massage therapist, massage & yoga teacher, yoga retreats organiser and spa manager in England, Spain and Switzerland the last 13 years of her life.

Andrea comes originally from Tenerife and will be glad to welcome you in her home island and walk this path with you!

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