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Your Guide to Yoga Teacher Training Questions

1. What is a Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC)?

A Yoga TTC is a comprehensive program designed to deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodologies, and personal practice. It equips you with the skills and knowledge to become a certified yoga instructor.

2. Who can join a Yoga TTC?

Yoga TTCs are open to individuals of all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. A passion for yoga and a desire to delve deeper into its various aspects are the main prerequisites.

3. How long does a typical Yoga TTC last?

The duration of our 200 hours course is 3 weeks and of our 300 hours course 4 weeks.

4. What topics are covered in our Yoga TTC?

Our comprehensive Yoga TTC covers a range of topics including yoga philosophy, asanas (postures), anatomy, pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, teaching methodologies, and ethics. 

5. How do I choose the right Yoga TTC for me?

Consider factors like the duration, amount of students accepted per course, quality of the training provided due to amount of students per teacher, location, style of yoga, and the reputation of the training center. Research reviews, talk to past participants, and ensure the program is accredited by Yoga Alliance.

6. What certification will I receive after completing a Yoga TTC in Shambhala Yoga School?

Upon successful completion of a Yoga TTC with us , you'll receive a certification that recognizes you as a certified yoga teacher. This certificate is recognized through Yoga Alliance USA and allows you to teach and be insured all over the world.

7. Can I teach yoga immediately after completing a Yoga TTC?

Yes, you can start teaching after completing a Yoga TTC as we give you all the tools and support to achieve it. If completion of the course is not achieved we can support you in finding the right moment for you.

8. What is the significance of a Yoga TTC closing ceremony?

The closing ceremony marks the culmination of your training journey. It's a special time to reflect on your growth, celebrate your achievements, and honor the connections you've made with fellow participants.

9. What is SUP Yoga?

SUP Yoga stands for Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga. It involves practicing yoga on a paddleboard floating on water. It challenges balance, core strength, and mindfulness, adding a unique dimension to your practice. We practice it at the end of every course.

10. How can I continue my yoga journey after a Yoga TTC?

After completing a Yoga TTC, you can deepen your knowledge by attending workshops, retreats, and advanced training. Regular personal practice, teaching, and staying connected with your yoga community are also essential.

11. Are the courses certified by Yoga Alliance?

Yes, all our 200 and 300 hours Yoga TTC's are recognized by Yoga Alliance and you will be eligible to register with them upon completion of our courses.

12. What qualities are essential to become a proficient Yoga teacher?

Becoming a proficient yoga teacher encompasses a spectrum of qualities that contribute to your effectiveness and impact. Firstly, nurturing a healthy physical, emotional, and mental state is paramount, allowing you to model holistic well-being for your students.

Cultivating self-love and respect forms the basis for authentic teaching, enabling you to connect genuinely with others. An open heart allows you to create a welcoming, inclusive space that encourages exploration and growth.

13. What is the check-in time on the arrival day?

You can begin checking in from 14:00 onwards. It's advisable to arrive no later than 19:00, so you can join the welcome dinner and have the opportunity to meet fellow participants on the first evening. The opening ceremony will be held the following morning.

14. When is the check-out time on the last day?

Check-out time is no later than 12:00. 

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